PETKIT - Smart Pet Bowl - SmartPaw
PETKIT - Smart Pet Bowl - SmartPaw
PETKIT - Smart Pet Bowl - SmartPaw
PETKIT - Smart Pet Bowl - SmartPaw
PETKIT - Smart Pet Bowl - SmartPaw

    PETKIT - Smart Pet Bowl

    $38.00 $39.00

    pets Color Option : White/MilkCow/Colorball

    • 1 Year Local Warranty
    • Shipping 2-3 Working Days
    • For All Dogs And Cats
    • PETKIT - Smart Pet Bowl
    • Built in weighing smart pet bowl to measure pet food accurately
    • Anti-bacterial BioCleanAct™ safe material
    • 100% Washable, Waterproof
    • 2 AAA Batteries to last for 2 years

    Smart Pet Bowl for all dogs and cats

    PETKIT Smart Pet Feeding Bowl is an antibacterial pet feeding bowl that has a build-in weighing function designed specially to monitor your pet's food intakes. By paying close attention to your pet's diet, you can take good care of your pets. Be it dogs or cats, obesity can result in serious adverse health effect

    PETKIT - Smart Pet Bowl - Different Designs

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    Monitor Your Pet's Weight Accurately 

    With the help of the integrated weighing scale, you are able to measure accurately your pet's every meal intakes. Simply press the white button which can be found on one of the sides before you put the food in. You can also get customized.


    PETKIT - Smart Pet Bowl - Accurate Weighing


    Safe For Your Pet

    Our anti-bacterial BioCleanAct™ material effectively prevents bacteria from forming and this will prevent diarrhea from happening to your pets.


    PETKIT - Smart Pet Bowl - AntiBacterial Material

    Clean With Ease

    Without a doubt, this PETKIT - smart pet bowl is 100% washable. The exterior is waterproof and the battery box itself is tightly sealed, this makes cleaning very easy. 

    PETKIT - Smart Pet Bowl - Water Proof

    Designed For Pets

    The PETKIT - smart pet bowl is tilted down with a U-shape design making it easy for pets to consume food. The non-slip tabs at the bottom of the bowl hold the smart pet bowl firmly, allowing your pet to eat comfortably.

    PETKIT - Smart Pet Bowl - Design for pets


    Everlasting Battery Life

    A pair of AAA alkaline batteries is able to last for two years. 

    PETKIT - Smart Pet Bowl - Everlasting Battery



    • Product Weight : 465g
    • Material : BioCleanAct ABS Material
    • WaterProof
    • Size: Water Fountain: 180*180*60(mm)

    PETKIT - Smart Pet Bowl - Specification

    What Is Inside The Box

    • 1 Year Warranty
    • 1 X Smart Pet Bowl
    • 1 X Screwdriver

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