PETKIT - Pet Water Bottle - SmartPaw
PETKIT - Pet Water Bottle - SmartPaw
PETKIT - Pet Water Bottle - SmartPaw
PETKIT - Pet Water Bottle - SmartPaw

    PETKIT - Pet Water Bottle

    $29.90 $43.90

    pets Color Option : Blue/Green/Pink

    • For All Dogs And Cats
    • Portable Pet Water Bottle
    • Reddot Design Award Winner
    • Dispense Water With Just A Single Press
    • Safe Material
    • Clean & Safe Water Due To Carbon Fiber's Filtration

    Pet Travel Water Bottle For All Dogs And Cats

    PETKIT Travel Water Bottle is the perfect way to keep your dogs and cats hydrated during outdoor activities. 

    PetWaterBottleSmartPawPETKIT - Pet Water Bottle - Dog Drinking Water

    PETKIT - Pet Water Bottle - Reddot Winner Award

    Convenience at it's best

    This PETKIT pet water bottle is designed to dispense fresh, clean water to your pet with just a press of a button. With just one simple press, the water flow in and out of the pet water bottle gateway. What is so unique about this pet water bottle, is that you can tilt back the bottle while pressing the button so the excess water can flow back into the container. 


    PETKIT - Pet Water Bottle - Dispense with one hand

    Clean & Fresh Water

    With the help of the carbon filter, it removes the impurities and residual chlorine found in the water. This way, pet owners like you can feed your dog with safe, clean and fresher water. It is recommended to change this replaceable carbon filter once every 2-6 months or after 100 feeds. If you are looking for the replaceable carbon filter, head over to > PETKIT-pet-water-bottle-filter
    Note: If you are already using purified water, feel free to remove the carbon filter from the pet water bottle.


    PETKIT - Pet Water Bottle - Purification Filter

    Water Never Spill - Leakproof Concept

    Securely lock the pet water bottle by pushing the button to the right side, this concept prevents spillage. Subsequently, if you need to dispense water from the pet water bottle, push it back to the left side and press the button. 


    PETKIT - Pet Water Bottle - Leakproof

    Safe & Anti-bacterial Material

    PETKIT pet water bottle uses BioCleanAct™ as the main material to prevent any bacteria from building. Also, the arc trough is specially designed for your pets to fit their drinking habits as they always drink by curling their tongues to retrieve as much water as possible.in an arc shape making it easier for them to drink from the pet water bottle.  


    PETKIT - Pet Water Bottle - Anti-bacterial Material
    PETKIT - Pet Water Bottle - Overall look


    • Water Capacity : 400 ML
    • Size: Water Fountain: 65*65*271(mm)
    • Weight : 157g
    • Material : ABS Biocleanact Material

    PETKIT - Pet Water Bottle - Measurement


    What Is Inside The Box

    • 1 Year Warranty 
    • 1 X PETKIT Pet Water Bottle
    • 1 X Filter ( Change filter once every 2 to 6 months or after every 100 feeds )
    • 1 X Sling Rope

    PETKIT Pet Water Bottle Filter Install Guide

    PETKIT - Pet Water Bottle - Carbon Replacement Filter

    • The PETKIT Pet Water Bottle comes with 1 carbon filter while the replaceable carbon filter box comes with 2 carbon filter.
    • It is highly recomended to change your filter once every 2 to 6 months or after every 100 feeds )
    • Before using the PETKIT- pet water bottle filter, soak it in cold water for about 2mins.

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