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Smart Pet Camera Pawbo+ - SmartPaw
Smart Pet Camera Pawbo+ - SmartPaw
Smart Pet Camera Pawbo+ - SmartPaw
Smart Pet Camera Pawbo+ - SmartPaw

    Smart Pet Camera Pawbo+

    $280.00 $319.00

    Smart Pet Camera Pawbo+


    Meet - Smart Pet Camera Pawbo+ is a user-friendly wireless camera with interactive capabilities including a built-in laser point for playing games with your furry buddy and also treat dispensing function. It has a LED status indicator, a wide angle lens that can see up to 130 degrees. It features 720p live streaming for anywhere / anytime usage. The treat dispenser has a detachable tray and is very easy to clean. 

    No More Lonely Pets
    Pawbo+ Smart Pet Camera No More Lonely Pets

    Multiple Best Friends allows up to 8 users to chat with your pet through Pawbo at one time.

    Pawbo+ Pet Smart Camera Share

    Instant Sharing captures every precious moment and shares pictures instantly on social media.

    Two-Way Talk Owners can hear and speak with pets anytime, anywhere.

    Pawbo+ Smart Pet Camera Capture the moment

    Treat Dispenser lets owners to reward their pets for good behavior right away.

    Pawbo+ Smart Pet Camera Treats Dispenser

    Laser Pointer Game entertains pets with a laser pointer that owners can control manually or set to play automatically.

    Pawbo+ Smart Pet Camera Laser Pointer

    Pawbo Theme Park Remotely operated accessories bring more interaction to you and your pets.
    Available in iOS or Android Devices

    Smart Pet Camera Pawbo in both iOS and android devices

     Product Specification

    Size:L112 x W112 x H200 mm
    Weight:455 g 
    Operating Temperature:-10 ℃~ 40℃(Suitable for Indoors)
    Video:720P HD
    Video Encoder:H.264
    Lens: 130°
    Wide-Angle Audio :Built-in Microphone and Speaker
    Power Input:5V2A
    Power Adapter:100~240V
    Made in Taiwan

    Demand Operating Environment

    Wi-Fi Environment:Required 802.11b/g/n(2.4GHz) connectivity and router with WPA2-AES encryption
    Mobile Device:Pawbo Life App supports iOS (8.0 and later) & Android (4.0 and later)
    Upload Speed:at least 768Kbps(Best video quality at 1.2Mbps or above)



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